Father's Day Gift Ideas

I am having a hard time believing it is already June!  Where is the nice weather? I cannot believe the spring we've had in New England.  It has been dreadful with lots and lots of rain.  It is suppose to warm up this week but the thing that drives me crazy about N.E. is that it goes from 55 and rainy to 85 and sunny.  

What I'm Watching

It’s hard to find time to watch TV these days.  The show has to be GOOD for me to commit.  Thankfully there are some great options out there (Hello! Amazon Prime, Netflix, Showtime & HBO).  There are a few shows I cannot wait to watch after a long day and getting kids to bed.

Free People

The birds are chirping and spring is here folks!  FINALLY.  I think I jumped the gun and put my sweaters away too soon this season but the good news is, I wore shorts yesterday.  It was actually hot, which was fine by me.  I prefer the warmer weather and love to spend any nice day outside.