Trader Joe's - My Must Haves

Hey there! Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend! I cannot believe it has taken me this long to talk about Trader Joe's. I go to TJ's every week (sometimes twice) to stock up on all my favorites. It is a 2 minute drive from my house which is sooo nice. If I forget something at the store, Scott can always swing by on his way home from work. So convenient. 

Let me introduce you to some of my favorites that you must try. I have a feeling this may become a recurring post because there are always new things coming out.

First off this Peanut Butter (sorry allergy friends) is off the hook. I put it on toast, use it to make energy balls and also put it in my smoothies.

TJ PB.png

Holy cow, this Peanut Butter Protein Granola is fabulous. It's hard to find a granola with a good amount of protein. Well, here it is and it tastes so good!


Organic cacao powder can be pretty expensive but not at Trader Joe's. It's only $3.99! I always put a scoop of this in my smoothies or any kind of breakfast bowl that I make. It would also work well in oatmeal or overnight oats.


Do you have picky eaters at home? I certainly do. If there is one thing my kids do love it's a good bread. Well these Pain Au Lait rolls were a hit. They have been enjoying them in the morning with cinnamon butter. So yummy!


This seasoning is the bomb. The ways to use this are endless. It tastes just like an everything bagel, minus the bagel. I have not experimented much with it yet but I plan to. This would work so good in a dip for veggies/chips, on baked potatoes, on a bagel with cream cheese or a seasoning for meat. 


I love using riced cauliflower in place of rice. Well those creative folks at TJ's really know what they're doing because now they have a stir fry version. This would make for such an easy weeknight side with some grilled chicken.


Why use only Parmesan when you can also have Romano? I use this blend for pasta, meatballs and soups. Delicious!


A salad kit usually isn't my jam but this one is just right. It comes with all the fixings and it is delicious. It easily feeds 2-3 people. Add some protein and you've got a meal!


Do yourself a favor and buy these for your next taco night. You can thank me later. I cannot have a taco or quesadilla without these. They have the perfect amount of heat (they are hot) but also have a nice amount of sweetness. Scott goes into panic mode if we're almost of out of them.


I'm sure most of you are already familiar with this item. I always stock up on this Pumpkin Bread & Muffin mix every fall. It is that good. It's moist and the pumpkin flavor is perfect, not too strong or artificially flavored. The kids LOVE it!


Quite possibly my favorite item ever from TJ's would be these Dark Chocolate Almonds. Holy cow they are good. If I'm in need of something sweet, a couple of these almonds do the trick. And it's an almond, so it's healthy!

Chocolate Almonds.jpg

This Movie Theater Popcorn is a huge hit with the kids. It takes just like the real thing minus the fake butter they use at the theaters (and the gross feeling after eating it). Liam loves it so much that I sometimes pack it for his snack at school. 


Move over cinnamon rolls, there is a new player in town. I bought these for the kids and Liam went crazy over them (I may have had a couple bites too). Dare I say they are better than the cinnamon version? The pumpkin spiced icing takes it to the next level. You need to try these before they are gone.


Again, I had to get these for the kids. They are the perfect size for a little treat after dinner. I did try them to make sure there were no razor blades of course. They taste just like a Thin Mint. Off the hook good. I may not buy them again because they're dangerous to have in the house.


My friend Dawn calls this tea "a hug in a cup". It is so good, especially when you have a cold. I add lemon and honey to it, which is helpful for a sore or scratchy throat.



What are your favorites from TJ's??