Organization Style

I feel like a hot mess. I have been sick with a head cold turned chest cold/allergy something or another. I am exhausted and have very little energy. It happens every single year at this time. The change in season does me in. So, it got me thinking...let's talk about organization since none of that is happening over here.

Every new year I try to get my house better organized. Last year was pretty successful.  This year, not so much. I feel like my house is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders. Ok, it's not that bad. Have you seen that show? Holy cow, how do people live like that?

Ok, moving on. Does anyone else feel like you have so much sh*t everywhere and no place to store it? I sometimes open up a cabinet in my kitchen and I get knocked in the face by a random item I forgot even existed. How does this happen? How do we get so disorganized in such a short span? I seriously need to clean house and get rid of A LOT of stuff. If you saw my pantry I'm pretty sure you would pass out from the shock of my disheveled shelves.

For me it's hard finding the time to dedicate to organization. I also get distracted very easily. I may start in one room with very good intentions of purging but someway I always end up in another room starting another project. It is a vicious cycle I tell you. And because time is so limited, off I go to Pinterest for great organization ideas 😂. Below I'm sharing them with you. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for all the other amazing ideas that I'm not using.


Reagan's closet is actually very similar to the one below. The Ikea Kallax shelving is the bomb. You can store baskets, books, you name it. The top doubles as a bureau top which holds her piggy bank and other items. This could work in any similar closet in your home.

We have similar shelving in our playroom, although it looks nothing like this! Time to purge.

Closets for women could be my favorite thing to search for and stalk on Pinterest. This is probably the best closet I've ever stumbled upon. Everything about it is perfect.

Here are some great ideas for getting your closets organized. I love that most of them are organized by color.

This idea for scarves is genius. I need to implement this in my closet. Click source for the DIY instructions.

If you need jewelry storage inspiration and organization, be sure to read this post.

Jewelry storage.jpg

If space is limited you could nail cutlery trays to your wall and add some hooks. Also genius!

If my pantry could look like any of the images below I would consider myself a rockstar.

Helpful organizing tips for clutter prone areas.

This checklist is a great guide to tossing what you don't need.

How do you stay organized and when do you set aside time to de-clutter?

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