Peace & Love To Vegas





With everything going on in our country, it's hard not to get discouraged and worry about our future (especially our children's). I am hugging my kids longer and tighter the last few days. How do you explain to your five and seven year old's about this horrible massacre? You don't. They don't even know what that word means yet. You mute the news, you change the channel. Yes, I plan to shelter my children from any news like this as long as possible. We send our kids off into the world thinking they are safe. It hurts my heart so badly that we have to worry about these horrendous attacks when we live in such a (normally) safe country. 

There are so many stories of heroism coming out of the Las Vegas shooting. Sonny Melton shielded his wife from the gunfire only to be shot and killed. His wife Heather survived because of his bravery. When interviewed, Heather said he was a hero every day (he was a nurse) but also the most sincere, warm-hearted and caring person.  James Lawson, who serves in the Army Reserve saved the life of Tom McIntosh by adjusting a makeshift tourniquet on his leg. James proceeded to accompany Tom to the hospital to make sure he was alright. The two were later reunited and say they will now be friends. John Phippen, along with his son Travis shielded complete strangers from bullets. His son survived but John perished. 

These stories of bravery certainly do not bring those 59 innocent people back. And it certainly doesn't erase the horror that thousands of people witnessed. But, I am proud of all the heroes who helped saved lives and risked their own. 

Right now, we need one another. We need love and peace. We need that extra smile from a stranger and to hold our loved ones closer. Not just today, but everyday. We certainly do not know what day will be our last. Say a prayer tonight for those suffering from this horrific nightmare.

You can also help by donating to the Go Fund Me page. Funds will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and familie.


Peace and Love