Boho Jacket, Look for Less

Have you ever become obsessed with an item and then you see the not so affordable price tag? Well folks, that's what happened to little ol' me when I saw this Tularosa jacket.  Waah waah waah…stick a dagger in my heart.  I scower sites to find the jacket on sale but no luck. There are things I don't mind spending a little more on but a jacket like this I couldn't justify the price tag because it is a bit trendy with the all the embroidered and fringe detail. But, of course I couldn't stop thinking about it because every website I shop on had it.

Well, fast forward a couple weeks, I find something that resembles the jacket online at Target for a fraction of the price! I completely lose my shit and order the item right away knowing that I just scored the deal of the century.  What I love about shopping online at Target is that you can have an item shipped directly to your store if they do not carry the item.  A few days later, I get an email that my jacket is ready for pick up.  I race down there (not really, but you probably think I did considering how crazy I probably sound) to claim my jacket.  Well,  I can happily report that it is better than expected and even nicer than it appears online.  Let me introduce you to the embroidered jacket from Knox Rose which is so similar if not better and more functional than the one by Tularosa. It’s lightweight, cotton and perfect for the transition from spring to summer. You need it! You’re welcome.