leopard kicks

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was filled with soccer and baseball games on Saturday, followed by celebrating our good friend's anniversary, which was so much fun.  Sunday was spent doing laundry, grocery shopping, a birthday party and some dinner on the grill (YAY!).  The weather was perfect, I think spring is finally here in New England.  

On to today's post....

Who doesn’t love a good pair of sneakers?  They can take your outfit from blah to oh yeah in an instant. Let’s face it, being a busy Mom, I’m certainly not in heels driving my kids to and from the soccer field like they do on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" (Yes, I do watch that show…one of my guilty pleasures).   I probably own more sneakers than I do heels anyway so let me break it down for you.  I’m going to share my favorites for everyday wear and specific for each workout that I do in a week.

Let’s start with fitness sneakers.  Two days a week I take Zumba.  This is my favorite workout so I have a couple pairs of Nike Free RN for this.  Technically they are a running shoe.  For me, they aren't supportive enough for running but they are perfectly lightweight for all the dancing I do in Zumba.  These are on my wish list next!  

One day a week I have a personal trainer (I'm working on a post all about fitness and will go into specifics about my workouts then).  My sneaker pictured below is no longer available in that specific color but this one is the same sneaker.  Love these.  Like the Nike RN, they are lightweight but supportive enough for stability exercises.

Next up, running.  I am a novice runner and certainly not an expert on this type of shoe.  I find everyone is completely different in this category but this sneaker by Asics has worked for me in the past year.  I completed two 5K's last year and have another coming up in three weeks.  I am in the market for a new pair before the run so if you love and swear by a particular pair, I would love to hear about it!  My pair is from last year.  The GT-2000 5 seems to be the latest version.


Lastly, I play tennis once a week.  And by play, I mean I have been taking lessons since September.  I didn't realize how important having a certain sneaker is for tennis.  The construction of a tennis shoe is much different than a running shoe.  So, being the sneaker lover I am, I had to buy the NikeCourt Air Vapor Advantage to go with my (not so great, YET) game of tennis.  I know my buddy Nick is dying laughing at this right now because he always makes fun of me for playing tennis.  

Ok my friends.  Time for some play sneaks.  My favorite!  There are SO many good options out there for fun sneakers.  I love a good print, a staple, a slip on...the list goes on and on.  

First up, these Vans.  I love how comfortable and simple they are.  The stripe is perfect for spring and summer. I will pair these with shorts, jeans and simple summer dresses.  These are on my wish list, also great for summer!

I have plain black Sperry slip ons.  I'm really digging the perforated version below.  They also come in a fun gold color.  And I found them on sale in a few other colors!

Totally digging the blush color combined with the espadrille wedge sole on these Tretorns.

Speaking of espadrilles, I love these lace Toms.  I have a very similar pair by Sperry that I love.  Technically not a sneaker but just as comfortable.

Blush is obviously one of the hottest colors of spring.  I have yet to buy a pair of sneakers in that color but I'm contemplating these suede Pumas .  They are FRESH, as my husband and brother-in-laws would say.

And if money were no object, these babies would be mine, all mine!!!  I really cannot understand spending $700 on a pair of sneakers!?!  

Ok, let's get back to reality.  These New Balance kicks are a throwback to 1970's track shoes.  I LOVE the color combination and I love New Balance.  Their sneakers always fit me so good and they are always "walk for miles" comfortable.

Another New Balance in a beautiful blue color.  These would rock with some white jeans.  I'm a size 7, Scott, these would make a nice Mother's Day gift. 

Obviously chucks have to be on my list.  They are classic and go with everything.  

And lastly, I get a lot of questions on my leopard New Balance sneaks (top photo) but unfortunately they are from a couple years ago.  So, I found these Vans that are pretty similar and inexpensive.


Later in the week I'm going to share some ideas for Mother's Day gifts so be sure to come back!