Stop And Smell The Flowers

It's so hard to keep a positive attitude all the time and not get stressed out (if you've figured it out, please let me know how you do it!) I recently started jotting down the little things that make me happy. It's a little "good for your soul" exercise I highly recommend. Here is my recent list...

  1. Looking at old pictures of my kids. I cannot believe my youngest will be five this month. I was looking at pictures of her the other day and starting crying because the time has gone by so fast. I sometimes wish I could rewind time with my kids and relive the times when they were so little. It's true what they say; the days are long but the years are short.
  2. The smell of my favorite perfume. I have been wearing it for so long so it's connected to so many good memories. One whiff of this heaven scent and I'm in happy land.
  3. Looking at a picture of my Dad's smile. I miss him, his smile and his hugs. Any of those would always make my feel so happy and safe. 
  4. Playing a game with my kids. Our latest favorite is Old Maid. It brings back childhood memories and creates new ones with my family. The way they laugh out loud at the game makes me giggle like a kid again.
  5. The fact Scott makes the coffee every morning. I am not a morning person but he is. I love (and appreciate) coming down to the kitchen to a fresh pot of coffee to start my day.
  6. My kids telling me they love me or making me a picture. We all try so hard to be good parents and some days (even our worst days) they still love us unconditionally. Those "I love you's" and "I made this for you" make everything else around me stop and appreciate those moments.
  7. Reading books to Liam at bedtime. I rarely put Liam to bed because I'm always putting Reagan to bed at the same time. When I make it in Liam's room before he falls asleep it makes him so happy. I love the quality one on one time with him and even though he's seven, he still loves to snuggle his mom. I want to freeze time in moments like those. 
  8. The smell of fall is right around the corner. As much as I completely adore summer, fall is such a wonderful time in New England. I love a crisp night with a heavy sweater (no jacket required).
  9. Pumpkin donuts are back at Dunkin Donuts! Obsessed.
  10. One of my closest (and sweetest) friends is getting married this weekend. I am beyond excited to see her marry the love of her life. Ok, that isn't a little thing but it surely makes me happy!

Would love to hear what makes you stop to smell the flowers?

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