Summer Workout Wear

I have to thank my barre instructor Stacey for the inspiration to write this post. She was asking the class if we had bought any capris recently. I spoke up and said that I love Athleta capris and boom, it hit me, I need to write a post about workout wear! Since I start most days in workout clothes, I've tried a plethora of brands. Read below for my favorites! 

workout wear
  1. These Sonar Capris from Athleta are so comfortable. I wear them to training sessions, zumba and even running.
  2. Also from Athleta, the Stripes Chaturanga are one of my favorites. I've had them for a couple years and they are still in great shape. I mostly wear them for barre & yoga.
  3. I have yet to try the Mantra Capri but they look great. Stacey, these may be the one's to get and you can tell me how you like them! ;)
  4. The Fast & Free crop tights from Lululemon are my favorite for running. They have deep pockets which can hold your phone, money and earbuds.
  5. The Tight Stuff Tight is probably my newest favorite tight. It is technically a running tight but I also use them to train. The are higher rise and suck you in like no other tight. Pricey but worth every penny.
  6. My new favorite sports bra is by Champion. I love the way it fits. It is so soft and comfortable. I use it for barre, yoga & zumba. I have it in the white and gray combo.
  7. This low impact sports bra is perfect for barre and yoga. It has minimal support, is lightweight and very comfortable.
  8. Another sports bra, this one would be great for running.
  9. This tie-back tank from Gap is my go-to for over a sports bra, I love it so much I bought it in three colors.
  10. I love these headbands to keep my hair out of my face.
  11. For tennis, I have this skort from Athleta and I really love it. Good news for those that need a new skort, it's on sale!
  12. Nike obviously makes running shorts but I've yet to try them. I really like these ones
  13. The Chaturanga Shortie is great for any activity on those really hot days.

If you missed my post about sneakers, you can find it here.

I would love to hear what brands you swear by for workouts. Please share!