Mom Truths - Summer Edition

Hello! I'm happy to back after a brief hiatus. End of school activities, our 4th of July trip to Martha's Vineyard and multiple hangovers (aka sleeping in late) have left me with zero time to blog. Today I'm dropping some Mom bombs that I know (hope) many of you can relate to.

As I'm blogging, this is going down on my front lawn:

kids pool

Ever since school got out, the first thing my kids say when they wake up is "where are we going today?" or "can we go to the arcade?". I'm sorry, but what the hell is that all about? I am 99% sure I did not wake up asking my parents what was on the agenda for the day when I was four or six years old. What did I do you ask? The same thing you did if you grew up in the 80's. Played outside or went to camp. It is finally 80 degrees and summer. Go OUTSIDE and play! My kids have a playset, bikes, scooters and a playroom with tons of toys and games. When I suggest any of the previously mentioned, they say "that's boring". Don't even get me started if I suggest a beach day.

Let's discuss the summer diet shall we? I know every kid loves a snack but WTF is it with summer and snacks. The last day of school I think my son inhaled ten different snacks and treats. This has turned into a daily battle with getting my kids to eat a decent meal. The other day my daughter legit asked me at 9:30 in the morning if she could have an oreo cookie. I went complete ape shit. Yes, it's probably my fault because we have those demon cookies in the first place but are you serious? Oreos for breakfast? Um, no. 

The kids are signed up for camp a couple weeks this month. Do you think they want to go? The answer to that question is a big fat NO. I must be the coolest Mom on earth if my kids would rather be with me instead of under the supervision of college kids who let you act like animals. Ok, then. After drop off, you'll find me at Duxbury beach with a book and an adult beverage in hand. Who's with me? I'll bring the snacks!

I think I have already gained a good five pounds since school got out because my kids refuse to go to the gym with me. They don't want to go to the playroom because they would rather go to "the arcade" or "Jungle Jakes". My son has been to a couple arcades in his time and it may just be his favorite thing in the world besides the Red Sox. He can drop $60 in 10 minutes flat. I suppose we will eventually hit up the local bowling alley/arcade. So, if you happen to see me, I'll likely have a beer in hand so I can tolerate the soon to come melt down about not having enough tickets for the $3 toy made in China. Good times.