Back To School - For The Girls

I am in disbelief that school starts in just two weeks. As always, the summer has flown by. We made so many fun memories and visited our favorite spots and even explored some new places together as a family.

As much as I love summer and spending quality time with my kids, it's hard to keep them busy when we're at home. So, I'm just about ready for them to get back into their school routine, especially after my son gave my daughter a haircut on Sunday (never trust your kids to let you sleep in and if they're quiet, that's not a good sign either). Yup. That actually happened. And he cut a lot off! Oh but don't worry, they saved all the hair and put it in a ziplock bag for memory sake. After all is said and done, it's only hair and it will grow back. It was probably a blessing in disguise considering Reagan has had one haircut in her lifetime. Time for bob baby girl!

Now it's time to focus on back to school shopping and preparation. Here are my recommendations to send them off looking so fresh and so clean clean.

Let's start with the gals shall we, because let's face it, they're harder to dress once they can talk.

  1. Fun tees are always cute with jeans and leggings. Loving this emoji tee and Reagan is obsessed with dogs so she would surely love this tee.
  2. The print and color block sleeves on this long sleeved tee would be adorable with a cute denim skirt.
  3. My friend Sarah has two cuties that wear glasses, I picture them rocking this fun sweater.
  4. Old Navy is a great place for simple but cool staples. I appreciate the message of this one.
  5. Basic leggings are a must. These and these are cute options if you want an embellishment or print.
  6. My little lady isn't huge into wearing dresses but I think she would definitely like this one since it's more of a t-shirt dress. I love this one for first day of school or picture day.
  7. My mom bought this sweatshirt/denim jacket for Reagan's birthday (thanks Mom!). I look forward to seeing her wear it, it is her personality in a jacket.
  8. Gap makes great jeans for kids. I especially love the elastic waist band they offer like this Minnie Mouse pair for smaller kids. It makes going to the bathroom at school super easy. These updated snap front overalls are a great alternative to the traditional pair of jeans.
  9. My lady loves to layer, hence the vest. She wears a vest over a sweatshirt until it gets cold enough for a winter jacket. Another option would be a lighter jacket for fall.

Later in the week I'll be back with some ideas for the boys and also shoes and accessories for both boys & girls. 

Have a great Tuesday!

Disclaimer: I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.