Fight the Flu Juice

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Happy Monday! I'm finally back after a week hiatus. Just when you think you're in a good groove something comes along and boom, screws up your whole mojo. Like a bat out of hell, the flu hit the kids last week. It put them out of commission for a few days which meant mama was catering to every need they had and sanitizing like a mad woman.

Leading up to them getting sick, I had been watching the news report on the flu epidemic every night. I just knew it would come around to us. It is so scary how quickly it came on and how helpless they were. I was hugging them tighter and waking up to check their breathing; it was like having a newborn again. I am so thankful they are healthy and back to themselves. Once the fighting began I knew they were feeling better. Back to our crazy life which I would take over any sick day.

That brings me to today's recipe. I was so afraid to go down with them so I did everything I could to protect myself. I doubled up on vitamins and made a fresh juice with LOTS of ginger every day. Here is a simple recipe to (hopefully) keep your system flu free!

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Flu Fighting Juice - Makes 16 oz.

1 small or 1/2 large cucumber
2 stalks of celery
1 large orange
1 apple
1 lemon
1 large piece of fresh ginger (I roughly use about a 3 inch piece but you could use less if you don't love it)

Add ingredients one at a time in a juicer. Stir and serve! 

*You could certainly use a high powered blender for a juice but I don't think you would get the exact consistency. I would peel everything and cut the ginger up small if you do decide to try with a blender.


I use this juicer by Breville. It's on the pricey side but it works great and we get a ton of use out of it. Here are a few other options (click each juicer for info):

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Have a great Monday! :)