Recreating a Look

Hello! Wow, it's been some time since I last blogged! This winter was a doozy. I'm finally coming out of the fog I've been in for the last two months. Last month we had some major Nor'easters that left us without cable and wi-fi for two weeks. Our utility wires were literally ripped off our house. After those storms, we went to Florida for a few days (thank goodness). Only to come home to more snow and cold temps...boooo! I am so over this winter weather. Here's to hoping spring shows up this week🤞🏻.

There are all sorts of things I've been wanting to blog about so let's get to it. My hope is to have a blog post every day the rest of the week....eek! 

Can we talk about how cute Reese Witherspoon is? I just adore her. Not only is she a gorgeous, talented actress and producer; she is a Mom, business owner, and proud women's advocate. She seems very sweet and down to earth which makes her so relatable. I also love her style so I thought it would be fun to recreate a recent look of hers (and her hot husband's too!).

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It just so happens I dressed in a similar look a few years ago on a trip to they say, great minds think alike! ;)


And for the guys...

Hope your week is off to a great start!