Makin' Me Look Good Again

I am always inspired by music. For me, style and music go together so naturally. I take Zumba a couple times a week and one of our cool down songs is "Makin' Me Look Good Again" by Drake White. In the lyrics he sings "leather and lace, denim and pearls, whiskey and wine, they go just fine, like you and me, girl". Every time I hear that verse I say to myself, that needs its own blog post!

Sidenote: If you haven't seen this video...damn, you need to. I honestly didn't know what Drake looked like until I searched for this video. Well, hello Drake! Sexy and talented! He wrote this song for his gorgeous wife and she is in the video with him. Swoon! 💗 I've been listening to the whole album and I love it. Country isn't my favorite genre of music but he is really good with lots of soul and a bit of rock. Check him out!

Now, let's get to the fashion, shall we? 

*Affiliate links included in this post. All opinions and styling recommendations are my own.

Leather and Lace.jpeg
  1. It goes without saying that my faux leather leggings are one of my favorite closet staples. Here is another style that I would love to try.
  2. This lace top is stunning. Or try this afforadable and adorable alternative.
  3. Not into leggings? What about a faux leather skirt for date night?
  4. Paired with this lace bodysuit would be one sexy outfit!
  5. These wedges would work with either look.
  6. For the modest and less daring, I love the look of distressed skinny denim (other option) and a lace tank (wear this under it).
  7. Finish the look with this faux leather jacket and my go-to summer sandal.

There is something so classic about denim and pearls. Both will never go out of style and look great paired together. Here are some fun updated ideas to incorporate pearls into your wardrobe.

Denim and Pearls.jpeg

Look One

  1. These ear crawlers are a fun and easy way to dress up your denim. Pair them with this cuff for a simple but chic look.
  2. My new favorite skinny jean.  So comfortable!
  3. Definitely my oldest and most loved skinny jean would be this cut by COH. The lighter wash would be perfect for summer.
  4. These heels will be mine! Obsessed with the color (also comes in blue and buff). Perfect compliment to your denim and pearls.
  5. This gorgeous yellow floral top would complete your outfit. 

Look Two

  1. Necklace with just the right amount of details.
  2. The most versatile piece in your wardrobe! If you don't own a denim top, now is the time. You will wear it all the time. 
  3. Try a chambray blazer over a dress for work or Sunday brunch with white denim.
  4. Whether it's for work, brunch or dinner out, these sandals work perfectly with the chambray. For a more casual look, I love these Vans.


Whiskey and Wine.jpeg
  1. For the badass whiskey drinker. Whiskey neat tee.
  2. Every whiskey drinker needs a pair of cut off denim shorts.
  3. Because it just looks cool when you wear badass boots.
  4. Complete your look with a stack of bangles.
  5. This tee, enough said.
  6. This tank top made me laugh.
  7. This may be my favorite.
  8. Perfect casual legging in a cropped version for warmer weather.
  9. Everyone needs a good wine/coffee mug. ;)


Thanks for reading, enjoy your day!