May M.I.A.

Holy cow, May is almost over! Where did this month go? We wait and wait here in New England for spring and warm weather...then, boom, here it is. It's like spring says, here I am and I'll be gone in a hot minute! Sports and school activites (in the middle of the day!) ramp up which leave us with zero free time to get shit done. Laundry piles up, you have an empty fridge, your nails are half painted and your hair roots are five inches long. School is coming to end and summer is near. We're frantically signing the kids up for every and all summer camps and making plans with friends for mid-August. It is insane. Am I right, Moms?!?

Had to share this because it totally sums up this month for me and I'm sure many of you!

Meanwhile, I have been working on my "Favorite Makeup Products" post for about three days. This is what happens when your daughter goes to school for about 30 minutes a day; it is May after all! I promise it will be posted tomorrow.

Happy almost Friday! :)