Our Home - Liam's Room

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited to talk interior design today. I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to home interior but I love to take on most of our projects myself (with the exception of painting!). My son's room has been the same since he was about three years old. He will be eight this summer, therefore, I think it's time for an upgrade. We've had his current furniture since he was a baby. While it's still in decent condition, much of it isn't condusive to his needs.

Liam is baseball obsessed so I'm rolling with a subdued version of that theme. I want a room that will still be "cool" five years from now. You'll notice that his current room looks like a 90's dorm room full of posters. 

I'm loving the idea of a baseball wall like the picture below and I'm hoping our painter can deliver. The rest of the walls will be navy (still deciding on a color so if you have a favorite navy, please leave it in the comment section!). He has a tall bookshelf that I'll replace with smaller mesh cubbies on either side of his bed. I don't want to go overboard on the whole baseball theme so I'm thinking about a solid duvet and some printed sheets.

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Liam's Room.jpg
What his rooms looks like now...a mash up of this and that πŸ˜†.

What his rooms looks like now...a mash up of this and that πŸ˜†.

I'm hoping this project will be complete before summer (wishful thinking?).

Scott and I are off to the Celtics game tonight. Let's go C's! ☘️